Bash and Pop Rocks the High Dive with Renewed Vigor

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Bash and Pop Rocks the High Dive with Renewed Vigor

Bash & Pop entertained an enthusiastic crowd at the High Dive last night, led by Replacements’ bassist and co-founder Tommy Stinson.

On the momentum of their second album released at the beginning of the year, Anything Can Happen, and a just-dropped single with Nicole Atkins called “Too Late,” Stinson, 50, showed off his natural talent and rock n’ roll acumen behind a tight band that fired out numbers from said new album, and their first one, Friday Night is Killing Me.

The band sounded fresh and dynamic when they showed off their new numbers, performing songs from the latest record like “Not This Time,” “On the Rocks” and “Never Wanted to Know.” The band also played “Saturday,” a single due to be released in November with Atkins.

A cover of “The Kids Are Alright” by the Who was a welcomed surprise.

When they hit their groove, Stinson’s vocals soared stark yet melodiously over the electric concordance of deep driving bass, searing guitar riffs and pleasingly palpitating drums.

Stinson, who started the band in 1992 after the Replacements called it quits for the first time,
was chummy with the crowd, joking with a, well, should we say, very enthusiastic fan, who shouted out for Replacements favorite “Tommy Got His Tonsil’s Out.” Stinson later quipped “no peaking,” when said fan got so close to the stage that he tried to gander at the band’s setlist, which contained 19 songs.

The affable Stinson, who looked fit and trim in his Who the Fuck is Tommy Stinson? t-shirt, joined the crowd along with the band after the show to sign merchandise, chat with fans and take selfies.

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