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Bash & Pop – Anything Could Happen

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Bash & Pop – Anything Could Happen

Anything Could Happen is the 2nd album by Bash & Pop, a very welcome and loooong-awaited follow-up to 1992’s Friday Night Is Killing Me. The helmsman of the group is one Thomas Eugene Stinson, better known as Tommy of The Replacements – the seminal band of which he was co-founder, bassist and sparkplug. Now, coming off a fruitful 18-year stretch playing bass with stadium rockers Guns N’ Roses (“It was good for me on so many levels”) and a hugely successful 33-show Replacements reunion romp, Tommy is clearly jazzed to be doing his own thing again.

When you listen to a Tommy Stinson record, under any moniker, you’re hearing rock n’ roll done by a lifer, someone who has literally spent three-fourths of his time on this earth touring and making music. If you subscribe to the theory that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in any field, Tommy Stinson has done that, many times over. And with Anything Could Happen, He doesn’t want to waste your time … no, not this time.

A1 Not This Time
A2 On The Rocks
A3 Anything Could Happen
A4 Breathing Room
A5 Anybody Else
A6 Can’t Be Bothered

B1 Bad News
B2 Never Wanted To Know
B3 Anytime Soon
B4 Unfuck You
B5 Jesus Loves You
B6 Shortcut